Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Painterly pendants

I love painting flowers. My sketchbooks are full of them, from tiny wild flowers to the ones in pots on our patio, I like to get out my watercolour box and try to capture their beauty. After a few weeks of experimenting with mixed media, I have developed a method of turning my miniature paintings into jewellery. Here is my first bouquet of blooming lovelies!

The challenge was making the surface durable, and at last I'm happy that they will stand up to normal everyday wear and tear. They will find their way onto Folksy over the next few days and would brighten up a spring outfit nicely!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Midwinter trees

There is a stark beauty about the view from my window at this time of year. Grey clouds scud across the sky and the branches of the trees in the field opposite are dark silhouettes. The big old oak looks impressive now it’s bare, and I can once again see ‘Old Spikey’ the tree spirit, picked out in twigs against the December sky. 

Every autumn I look forward to his reappearance. All through the summer he has hidden away, whispering to the varied wildlife the oak attracts. But as the leaves fall, he is revealed once more. I always wonder if a storm will have changed his expression, but his dear old face hasn’t altered much over the many years I’ve known him. He's made of stern stuff!

There’s a wonderful symmetry in some of the branches, quite ‘art nouveau’ in appearance and as the emerging sun’s rays light up the raindrops on the twigs I’m inspired to make a quick sketch. My first project for 2018 is born.

Time to be glad for all the pleasures of 2017 and wish you love and light for the new year!

Saturday, 28 October 2017

A ramble down the sloe lane

It seems to have been a good year for sloes, we saw lots of them in the hedgerow on a recent nature ramble on one of the last sunny days. A few happy days with the macramé board followed, as I created a necklace inspired by the colours we had seen.

When I’d finished that I decided I would finally get to grips with bead tube crochet. This is something I’ve never mastered. I’ve had several attempts over the years but the technique has eluded me. The aim is to take thread and seed beads to make a beautifully neat tube. The beads sit on the outside and the thread ‘core’ makes a rope with a lovely flexible drape. Every time I’ve tried it I’ve ended up hot and flustered with a birds nest of thread and a tiny tangle of beads that look like a bunch of grapes. It annoys me – because I can happily manage eight kumihimo bobbins, or a whole swathe of macramé threads. So I bought myself an instructional DVD and took myself in hand. 

A whole six hours later and I finally had it mastered. Turned out it was like learning to ride a bike and something suddenly just ‘clicked’. It doesn’t look much for six hours work does it – but there’s definitely a glass of wine with my name on it this evening with ‘Strictly’.